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Thanks for your interest (even if it's only in passing :-) 

My story began in India. Ethnically I am of

eurasian extraction from Kollam in Kerala, 

but I was born, raised and educated in Bangalore.

Whilst I was completing a graduate medical degree,

my family came to live in Australia, in 1987. 

After my internship,  I moved to Melbourne as well and began working,  first as a Hospital Medical Officer

and then as a Registrar between 1992 and 2001,

in several Victorian metropolitan hospitals,.

In March 2001, I became a quadriplegic

after sustaining a complete C5-6 spinal cord injury

in a road traffic accident. 

In a quirk of fate, at the time I was working as a surgical registrar at the Austin Hospital and so I came to be

a patient on the same ward with ttwo other

spinal injury patients that I had admitted 

earlier in the week of my own accident.


After a year of inpatient  repair & rehabilitation,

in 2002  I came home  and began the

integration of the new me with my old life.

Being a C5-6 quadriplegic, I have normal

feeling and movement up to about shoulder level.

I need assistance withpretty much  all my activities.

I have a team of 6 carers that work in rotating shifts

every day to get me game fit, up  to the action

and then back home again in reasonable shape.

I have a large and remarkably loving family

who along with my many trusty friends,

have formed a reliable &  sturdy life raft for me

that I use every day to do everything.

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