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In addition to


I offer all these other services on this page. 

The various services  are listed along with 

how much the service costs.

Please make an enquiry if you need to know more or want to make a booking.

Like all the other services on this site,

you will have to register   (WHY REGISTER?)

with a valid email to make a booking or an enquiry.

I look forward to working with you.



1.  Report Preparation: Topical Report & CV - $ 300

    Medical & Medicolegal documents 

    Briefing notes    

2.  Report & Document Review & Edit - $ 50

    Review of content, structure & presentation of

    Academic or Non-Academic submissions & correspondence    

3.  Speech preparation: Special Occasion - $ 100

    Weddings, Milestone occasions, Orations & Eulogies 

4.  PowerPoint & AV Presentation assisit or preparation

    Please make an Enquiry

1.  Academic Lectures & Information Sessions - $ 300 / hr

    Specialty content, audio-visual presentation & Q&A

2.  Special Event  - $ 300

    Opening Presentations;  Keynote address 

    General and Specialty Themed Trivia Nights


3.  SESSIONS @ Conferences & Workshops - $ 200 /hr                Speed Introductions & Interaction Kickstarters 

    Cognitive Warm-ups & Team Exercises

    Venue Orienteering 


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