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I  conduct a part-time, medical practice with a focus on providing medical information and advice to my peers with a spinal injury as well as to people with disability, age related and other impairments.  I also worlk with Onsite Doctors  in Staff & Workforce Health & Covid Surveillance.

I was for several years a Professional Conduct Investigating Officer at the Victorian Medical Board and after that at the  Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

I lecture to school, science, nursing and medical students as well as postgraduate students.

I speak at a number of educational institutions, corporate functions, conferences, conventions, forums and to various interest groups, with a on spinal, medical, health and motivational topics.  

I have a special interest in the regulatory framework and progress of stem cell research in Australia and internationally.  In the last 10 years I have been monitoring the trends in the variety of specialty stem cell trials and treatments on offer and have spoken or participated in several forums and workshops on related matters.

In August 2019, I delivered a keynote address on the study day at the  ANZSCoS Conference 2019 entitled   




In conjunction with the Australian Quadriplegic Association (AQA-SPIRE) and the Spinal Cord Integration Service SCIS), I am involved in mentoring my peers with a spinal injury in hospital and in rehab. I also organise in-house and external activities with these groups.

I am a director on the board of the Spinal Research Institute   who host an electronic platform  that enables investigators involved in spinal research globally, to interact and collaborate with each other.  The  SRI  also funds internatipnal travel grants forspinal reearchers.

I am also  a member of the Development Committee for AQA SPIRE and  sit on the Conumer Advisory Panel of AUSTIN HEALTH



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